central distributor of electricity of slovenia


David I. García

arquitecture & bim

design, arquitecture & technology

The Slovenian power distribution center is a high-tech, precision-engineered and elevated structure above the landscape as a prominent element of corporate identity.

Several functions of the new center (from parking and storage to production and management) are surrounded by a curtain wall, which connects several volumes in a uniform structure and at the same time prevents overheating.

The common area comprises two floors, opening as the connecting core of the structure. There are conference rooms, kitchens, and a green roof located along it, are all areas shared by employees.

The office area that opens to the green roof offers the best light and temperature conditions, with the objective of performing a teamwork demanding, from the intellectual point of view. The control center is the heart of the new building. This is where the flow of electricity will be managed through Slovenia and within the European Electricity Network.

Excess heat is carried away by groundwater, wich flows through a thermal activation system of the concrete core. The overheating is avoided withe shadows and the green roof. The heat pump makes it possible to capture the heat of the groundwater. The heating is also complemented by the residual energy of the computers servers and the recycling of esidual air from the offices.