new jubail city center mosque in dubai

mosque project in arabia saudi

Eduardo Pardos

mep modeling 

arquitecture, bim and construction

BaboonLab handled the MEP or engineering part of the modeling


The project consisted of a mosque located in Saudi Arabia of approximately 2,200 m2. It is located in a square plot of 70 x 68 meters, with a chamfer on one of its sides..


The project is divided in two zones, one of public character, where the users can pray, and another where are the rooms of facilities and services. It is characterized by organic forms and by the cover that gives cohesion to the whole architectural set.


The structure is composed of large metal trusses that support the roof and are supported by a slab located in the plant and all the low ones. This slab in turn is supported by a pile structure.


Air conditioning, ventilation, fire protection, plumbing, sanitation and rainwater, telecommunications, electricity, lighting ... We must solve the installations so that there are no collisions between them or between the existing structure.