Real Madrid sports center


David I. García

BIM model of real madrid training center

bim project summary

Elevation through Autodesk Revit of the complex of sports facilities of Real Madrid C.F

It is a project carried out in collaboration with the European University of Madrid. Real Madrid C.F. Decided to make the entire sports complex in BIM format, so they can make modifications in the future and have the information well organized.

Project Information

- About 900,000 m3 of land was moved..

- It has a gallery of 940 ml of services.


- 53 000 ml of pipeline and more than 225 000 ml of cable were introduced.

- Of a total of 222,000 m2 of useful surface, 120,000 m2 of sports surface, a garden area of ​​60,000 m2, 25,000 m2 of buildings and other infrastructures of access, distribution and bleachers.

More than 200 people worked daily in the Sports City of Real Madrid, although at peak times it became 500. In total, the work involved more than 3,000 people. The contracted staff is the Joint Venture formed by FCC and OHL, with more than 80 subcontractors and self-employed, currently totaling 350 people. Safety at work was high.

Skills needed

The work was done by university students, in collaboration with university professors. By bringing the coordination of all the work of the staff, it had to be all well linked between construction works, architecture and facilities..

It was a great experience of team management and worker coordination.