Handpainting Artist

Zaragoza, Spain

At BaboonLab we will start developing a multi-mobile single-player video game and looking for professionals who join our development team. The objective of this role is to work in the Game Design and interpret the story, particularities of the characters, props and environmental images to create these elements illustrated with the style of the game that should be treated whenever the best the best experience for a young and dynamic audience. 


- Texturize characters with a style "Stylized"

- Desarrollar arte conceptual detallado y "turnarounds" para los artistas 3D y animadores con el objetivo de desarrollar los elementos del juego

- Solve problems creatively and discover efficient solutions to execute the creature/character's "look and feel"

-- Collaborate closely with other disciplines to achieve integration between the narrative and the visual aspect of creatures/characters

- Leverage your own knowledge and experience syllacars, stories and typologies to improve the designs generated in the project


- Digital illustration knowledge and relevant software

- Updated portfolio

- Demonstrable previous experience

Se valorará positivamente conocimientos y/o experiencia de:

- Creation of caricatured characters with proportions for correct viewing on mobile devices

- Particle creation

- Manejo de Unreal Engine 4

Queremos trabajar con personas: 

  • Creative and dynamic 
  • With motivation and enthusiasm to learn new systems  
  • With passion, interest and ambition to stand out in his field of work 
  • Workers and with great commitment and responsibility for their work  
  • With positivity and predisposition in the face of new challenges 
  • Being able to work well as part of a team

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