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Improve your construction efficiency with bim

The first step of BIM is the creation of a building information model, wich allows project stakeholders, arquitects and engineers, builders and owners  to make better decisions in the construction process.


make the best decisions

The BIM methodology have the potential to increase the efficiency, productivity and profitability of all players in the industry.

Order information, coordinate and connect all project members in real-time, detect collisions and solve problems in the most effective way.

Visualization of a 3d project


The most basic application of a building information model is a 3D visualization. BIM allows anyone view and navigate every inch of the building in a virtual enviroment, removing the lack of communication that disturb in a traditional 2D design. For a builder in a proposal phase or preconstruction of a project, a building information model is the best way to convey your plan, show sofistication and gain the trsut of your clients.

3D design review and coliision detection


Design review and collision detection are currently the added vallue number one of BIM. A building information model contains the design details for all arquitectural, structural and MEP elements  in a single aggregate entity, allowing the detection of interdisciplinary clashes with just a click of the mouse. Pipes that collide with beams, or ducts that collide with cables are automatically detected and easily corrected. The result is that BIM projects are drastically reducing RFIs (request for information) and change orders.

mep 3d coordination


Traditional MEP coordination is a process that requires time, and rarely produces perfect results. On the other hand, the MEP coordination enabled for BIM takes the constructor from the drawing table to a virtual collaborative enviroment, wich facilitates real-time coordination. BIM not only saves time to decide the position of the pipes, if used properly it can also serve to obtain grater efficiencies in the manufacture of MEP materials, directly from the information model of the building.

4d / 5d estimation 

A 4D / 5D estimation is a 3D information model, linked to an estimated of construction costs, through quantities of material that are generated automatically from data within the model. The information models of buildings allow a better elaboration and estimation of the budgets throughout the project. With the 5D estimate, when the design is modified in the model, the impact of costs can be calculated in real time, allowing builders to help customers and owners make better design and engineering decisions.