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BIM has advantages throughout the project lifecycle. Financial savings, from the perspective of total costs, is probably the most attractive benefit for homeowners. Using BIM allows homeowners to look to the future and see what it will actually deliver in the form of a 3D model. The result is a reduction in changes during construction, usually caused by shocks in construction systems. Better design quality, buildings work best by coordinating systems and engineering analysis, allowing for greater long-term operational efficiency. Programming (4D) and costing (5D) during the construction process are fully integrated into a BIM model, helping homeowners make important decisions based on real-time information.
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preventive maintenance

The information of the construction of the mechanical equipment, stored in the BIM models, is very valuable in the creation of databases necessary for the ongoing preventive maintenance. Equiment requires periodic inspection and maintenance, in particular heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Information on air and electricity distribution systems that under go periodic modifications is very valuable to facility managers.

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space management

BIM models provide a useful starting point for space management. Companies wich take large office space will benefit from this information. By integrating construction data with human resources data, organizations can reduce the vacancy and, ultimately, achieve significant reductions in real estate costs.

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Energy efficiency initiatives

Because commercial and industrial building account for almost 20 percent of energy consumption in many countries, there is a mandate to explore options for improving energy efficiency. BIM plays an important role facilitating the analysis and comparisons between several alternatives.

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building lifecycle managementl edificio

The recent emphasis on sustainability has raised the profile of building lifecycle management. The responsible owners have realized that BIM makes a lot of sense, both economically and ecologically. BIM provides value in managing relevant data on life expectancy and replacement costs, helping the owner understand the benefits of investing in materials, and systems that may cost more initially but have a better return on life building

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changes in progress

Accurate drawing management has been a challenge for building owners and facility managers. Although BIM does not prevent the effort required to maintain accurate construction data, it provides two advantages over traditional CAD technology:

-BIM provides an easier way of representing the traditional aspects of the building. This is particularly important for mechanical systems.

-BIM models can carry extensive data on assemblies, finishes and equipment items.

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building automation systems

Building automation systems (BAS) provide real-time monitoring and control of the sophisticated electrical and mechanical systems used in today's buildings. Experience has shown that effective building operation is critical to achieving potential energy savings. Although the work is still in the early stages, the integration of BIM with BAS will offer significant benefits, oparticularly for technical buildings such as hospitals and laboratories.

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cost reduction

When installation and executive management professionals have better visibility into the space and occupancy data of an IWMS or CAFM system, they can make more concrete decisions about space. Questions about renewing leases, reducing inventory of property, or building a new building, or not, are costly issues, but these issues are easier to solve with accurate real-time data. Making the right decisions can drastically reduce costs.

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increase in productivity

Everyone in an organization uses the information of the facility, whether the person in the mail room making deliveries, executive management planning for a staff increase or a university seeking government reimbursement for the use of space. When people can access and communicate that information quickly, instead of wasting time on Excel spreadsheets, IWMS and CAFM software can increase productivity across the enterprise.

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improve customer service

With the software IWMS o CAFM you can serve your clients more quickly and efficiently, in aspects such as the automation of routine tasks, requests for maintenance of routing or the programming of a movement. You can even receive email notifications as reminders, making sure you never forget a task.

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more efficient use of space

The IWMS o CAFM software allows you to view work data with real-time information. Visualizing who sits and where, and the needs o f the departmental space, can help you to plan and use your existing space more effectively.

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fastest and accurate reports

Centralizing facility data a in a system means that there is only one place to access when you need it, and being real-time is updated at all times. Reporting charges has never been so fast. 

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share information in any organization

Facility management software can help communicate information over the Internet and intranet. Send space usage reports so that management can make effective real estate decisions, provide end users with an employee search system, or submit maintenance requests with an IWMS o CAFM system